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1 step forward 2 steps back - Will life ever be normal again?

1 step forward, 2 steps back - Will life ever be normal again?

Life was getting back to normal, and then the different tiers were introduced. This in reality, means we all continue to carry on doing what we’re doing while we pray someone doesn’t rock up to our homes and slam a £1000 fine on us. I for one, as a 25 year old currently enjoying the half-term break isn’t going to be told to sit inside twiddling my thumbs. Instead I have returned to Surrey, a tier 1 zone to catch up with friends (some legally, some illegally) and get a haircut. I haven’t had a professional haircut since February this year. I’m sure I’m not alone in having experienced some make-shift hair dos and trims over the lockdown period. Shout out to Lottie who trimmed my hair for me back in the summer, and frankly did a fantastic job, so much so that at the time I vowed never to bother spending money at the hairdressers. Yet here I am, sat in the chair with what appears to be a pink looking substance (apparently toner...) rubbed into my entire head and then topped in a load of plastic... I have no doubt this will cost me a small fortune and I’ll walk away wondering why I’ve paid such a huge sum for something I’m not entirely convinced I like. I have done the classic (and so many will be so familiar with this) come in, shown some pictures of styles and colours I’ve liked, knowing it’s completely unachievable on my hair and then agreed to basically letting the stylist “get creative”. What am I thinking? This is my hair! It’s always on display and I don’t wear a hat well! We wait in anticipation. I don’t know what my hair is going to look like but I do know my bank account will be looking a lot sadder. I have not enjoyed wearing a mask for the past few hours, however I have enjoyed gossiping with my hairdresser. The highs and lows continue, haircuts and coronavirus included.

How are you coping? What have been your highs and lows?

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