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24, 24th, 24%, 24hrs.

Today we launch! What a special day this is for us, it is not only our online store launch but also our founder and creative directors' 24th birthday! So, there's two reasons to celebrate this hump day. Therefore we invite you to celebrate with us by offering 24% off everything with code 24th24 for 24hrs only! Get involved and use this deal why you can.


We are so excited to be finally launching our online store making it easier for all customers to browse and purchase items from our collection. We have been working on it for a while to make sure we were completely ready to launch the website and we are so happy that we can finally share our brand with you on a more intimate basis. For the past 7 months we have been developing and starting the set up process of our brand, it hasn’t been an easy process to say the least but hearing from all our excited clients and followers has definitely kept us going, knowing that we can finally launch our online store has made all this hard work worth it. If you have any questions regarding the brand or products please contact us, we love hearing from you!


To begin with we will have a limited range of bespoke products in stock on the site but please be aware our bespoke service will still be running as usual, so if it's no longer in stock or you fancy a different colour just message us and we can make it happen for you! We will be updating the available products often so please sign up to our newsletter to make sure you know when a new product has dropped!


So all that is left to say is Happy Birthday to our founder & creative director Charlotte, and more importantly happy shopping to all our wonderful clients!

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