Travelling: Career Postponing or Career Making?

Out of my whole friendship circle back in the UK I am the only one who packed up their bags and left to go travelling after university. The most common response I received when asking why no one else would was that they needed to get started on their career. Now don't get me wrong, I purposefully didn't apply for any jobs that would keep me tied to England after I graduated as travelling was a long life dream of mine but I have since come to learn that travelling certainly does not put your career on hold and can in fact make it.

One of the clearest examples of this comes in the form of my very good friend Charlotte Whittles-Jackson. Charlotte, or CWJ as I will refer to her from now on, has come to visit me twice in the past two and a half years since I first left home and its fair to say she would not have started her own company - CWJ London at the age of 23, had she not travelled.

CWJ London is a beautiful hand crafted leather goods company specialising in bags fit to carry diabetic equipment. To quote "CWJ London is a luxury leather accessories brand created by designer and leather artisan Charlotte Whittles-Jackson. This brand was born when Charlotte saw a gap in the market for contemporary luxurious bags designed specifically for diabetic equipment.". The ideas behind this all started on her first visit to me, whereby we explored the East Coast of Australia in May-July 2017.

During our travels down the East Coast of Australia, we came across a lot of aboriginal art. CWJ being a design student at University at this time was obviously very interested in this and went on to base her final year collection on aboriginal art. Her collection was called the Yidaki Collection with all products given aboriginal names: The Tau Briefcase; The Inala Crossbody and The Marlu Pouch as featured below.

As you can see CWJs designs are effortlessly beautiful and I became one of the proudest friends on the planet. This led me to tell everyone whilst we were travelling together in New Zealand, fast forward 18 months from our last trip, that CWJ was a bag designer and would constantly show off the orange bag pictured above which she had bought with her as well as her Instagram.