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Why Support Small?

Support small is a common phrase used in 2020, but what are the reasons behind this and how can you help to support small local businesses?

When you shop locally you are helping to support the local community and economy. Research has shown that “when you support small, more than 50% of the money spent stays here in the community.” (Vangel Inc.. (2019)) This is purely because the local business owners who you spend your money with, will in turn put the money back into the local community by going to other independent stores, pubs, restaurants etc. As a result of the money being circulated in this way, the local community is able to flourish. By doing this you are also helping to reduce environmental impacts, as there is less transportation needed locally. This helps to reduce air pollution and traffic, while also boosting the standards of the nation’s high streets

Shopping with and investing in local businesses has a powerful effect on the well-being of local jobs. The more you support local businesses the more future employment opportunities they’ll be able to provide. Not only this, but local employers are then also able to pay a higher average wage compared to their commercial counterparts. “according to the SBA, since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs.” (Cockery,C. (2015)). Therefore, the more you support local businesses the more potential job opportunities you are helping to provide.

Independent businesses help to bring ingenuity and diversity into the communities. This can be a real breath of fresh air in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by chains. You are also enabling local entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door by choosing the smaller local option over larger chain businesses. This helps to create a healthy economy and improve community morale.

So what can you do to help support independent businesses?

You might not be in a position to be spending money at the moment, especially during these testing times, but just a simple follow, like, share and comment can also really help small businesses. These effortless acts don’t only support physically by getting their business seen more but also mentally by giving the owners a virtual ‘pat on the back’ or push to carry on!



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