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The beach is a breeze

The VETTE and Ortia with a selection of Florence + Blank products

Last week we headed down to Camber Sands and enjoyed the sunshine with our friend and fellow independent business owner, Emilie.

Emilie, along with her fiancé Sam runs a beautiful, creative retail platform, Florence + Banks, which helps support and promote artists and makers.

Like us, Florence + Blank are all about slow design. So, we each brought a couple of products down to Camber Sands. In between relaxing, chatting and of course eating, we were able to capture some beautiful shots.

The pieces Emilie brought complimented our bags really well and collaboratively, we were able to create images which express a contemporary lifestyle.

All the products seen are available at Florence + Blank, so go and have a nose at the beautiful collection of ceramics and artwork they have for sale.

Also, don't forget you can get £10 off the Aiuiua until tomorrow using code: A10

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