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Margot Lemons - inspiration of the month.

“I like my work to challenge the viewer, I like to divide opinion, it doesn't matter if you love or loath my work, at least you have made a decision, it has left a mark on your mind.”

This is our first inspiration of the month blog.

This is where we talk about artists, designer and creatives who we find inspirational.

It feels fitting that our first inspiration of the month is Margot Lemons. Margot Lemons has unwillingly merged from a friend to a mentor too. Since the start of CWJ London she has helped me stay positive, focused and committed to the brand. Margot is great to speak to about everything from design ideas to new ventures within the business. When I need someone to bounce ideas off, she’s there and will push me to my limits!

So, let’s talk about Margot Lemons!

Margot started out by studying fine art London Metropolitan. Margot works out of her studio at home in Surrey. She certainly has had a lot of experience and has really “been there, done that” having exhibited at both Spitalfields and Greenwich market (she is who suggested I got into the market scene).

Margot Lemons experiments with different medias and challenges how you are ‘supposed’ to work using textiles, knitting & embroidery, by using unorthodox tools alongside more traditional mediums like paint, print and drawing.

I think you will agree her hand embroidered images are just special and really push the boundaries with the contrasting textures. This makes the work a tactile juxtaposition of soft and hard fibres with bold colours. This in turn draws you in as you want to feel the texture.

Margot describes her art as a visual language and tells us about how it has helped her to express her inner feeling and turn her experiences into creative pieces.

“A single piece can tell a story or contain the deepest emotions, unlike spoken words it can be interpreted in many ways that differ from person to person. It allows me to express infinitely complex and indescribable thoughts, feelings and emotions into something tangible.”

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