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It is March meet the maker and today is ‘Focus & Priorities. I feel at the moment I have a lot of priorities however I thought it was only right to talk about a project I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. My new ‘Buy it back scheme’.

Its official our buy it back scheme has launched with its first items available to purchase!

So, what is it all about?

Well, we are trying to create a circular economy and help to prevent unnecessary waste.

At CWJ London we know that everyone wants to change up their style sometimes and that is why we started the buy it back scheme.

This allows you as a client to send us a product back which we will either re-sell at a reduced price on our 'Pre-Loved' category or upcycle/reuse the material to create a new product.

How does it work?

It starts by you sending us an email with images of your product(s) and we then assess and send you what grade we believe it fits. We ask that if there are any major marks that you send images of theses so we can honestly assess.

We will then ask that you send it back to use (We recommend using royal mail signed for just for piece of mind on both ends).

Once received we will send you your CWJ Voucher.

The bag will then be placed onto our pre loved category for the same price as the voucher you have received. We also quite like the idea of being able to trace a bag back to it’s original owner so with your permission we will write a brief bio about you on the product info. This helps to build a trusting and loyal CWJ community.

How do we categories for the buy it back vouchers.

Grade A = 50% original cost

Grade B = 25% original cost

Grade C = 10% original cost

Pre-Loved is an area where we sell bags that have been returned through the BUY BACK scheme. This means that when you buy through this category you know that the bag has had a home prior to you and will therefore have some character to it, whether it be marking, or even sometimes initial embossed.

By creating our pre-loved category on our shop, we are hoping to encourage and develop a recycling community. To help create this community we have written a small ‘blurb’ for each ‘pre-loved’ product to give you an insight into its life before you. It may have been a special birthday gift, a sample product maybe even a hand me down.

When our wonderful client return a product through the buy it back scheme we ask them for the permission to write about their story with the product. I think this adds to the character of the products.

So, have you got a product you want to change up? Send us a message and we can get the ball rolling!


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