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Cornwall - CWJ Style.

With us all being in a national lockdown for nearing on 6 months I'm sure everyone has been gagging for sometime away.For some people that was braving abroad to guarantee yourself some sun, while I like many others, opted for a trusty stay-cay.

I was lucky enough to get away to Cornwall (for the first time!) for a week earlier this month. As much as I missed the sun and the more chilled out vibe you get from lying around the pool reading a book, it was great to visit more of our beautiful country. It was a truly jam-packed week with a day of surfing, boat hire and a even a muddy and wet cycle ride!

The prep leading up to any holiday includes getting all your essentials together and for me this included not one, not two but three different CWJ London bags! (and yes it was necessary to have them all!)

My most used bag for day-to-day is the Inala cross body. While in Cornwall the Inala was mainly used when I was heading out in the evening - a great addition to any outfit!

My first (and possibly most loved) bag I got from CWJ London was the VETTE. I have always adored how versatile this bag is, especially when it comes to being out and about. This was perfect for a day of bike riding and exploring The Eden Project. I could carry my essentials, hands free with it round my waist all while looking quite stylish too.

This brings me onto my final, and most recent CWJ London purchase the 'B' Beach Bag - I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. I love the retro rainbow print and this bag joined us for a day out at the beach and a couple of days at sea! The material means it’s waterproof and the bigger size means you’ve space for all your essentials including those jumpers and towels.

I must also mention that I of course had my sunglasses case and card holder with me, but then I always do!

Where did you get away to this summer? We’d love to know! What CWJ London product is your favourite? Comment below

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