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Earth week - Ecologi.

It’s Earth week!

I want to talk about Ecologi who at the begging of the year I partnered with to become a climate positive workforce at CWJ London.

I searched for a while for the best way to do this, as I wanted to work with a business that was as local as possible. Ecologi was founded by three friends from Bristol so nice and close, perfect! What I loved about Ecologi is that it caters for smaller businesses as well as individuals, couples, and families. I realised when researching that as a small business it is very hard to find affordable schemes. I remember contacting the Woodland Trust as an obvious and I could simply donate, but I wanted to be slightly more involved and be able to see what by money was doing. So, I looked at partnering with them and well, they started at £20,000 which although I wish I could donate is far far far from what I could afford to do.

“We created Ecologi so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis”

Ecologi show you everything, I receive emails once a month about what projects my money has contributed to, how many more trees have been planted into my ‘CWJ London Forest’ and what my carbon offset has reached. It then makes me feel good (in a selfish way) as being able to see the affect helps me to feel more empowered to make a difference, and that every little really does help!

Now transparency is important and I am so pleased that Ecologi is so transparent about how the money is being used. It wasn’t something I really thought of until I watched Seaspiracy. On there Ali researches the paper trail of a charity he supports and realises it indirectly is supporting things he is against. Doesn’t this just scare you?! I knew about it with the fashion industry as it is often discussed but charities!!!!!!!! I was shocked and horrified.

“When we say we put your money to great use, it’s important you see that it is. You can see the paper trail of the impact we make on this platform.”

So why sign up? well if you don’t know about the climate crisis, just where have you been…

It is preventable, BUT it will not save itself and this is where every individual on this planet comes into play, it is our opportunity.


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