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Lauren Watson - inspiration of the month.

Inspiration of the month, this is where we talk about artists, designers and creatives who we find inspirational.

This months inspiration of the month is Lauren Watson. Lauren Watson is an up and coming fashion designer.

Lauren recently graduated from Solent University, with a BA (Hons) in Fashion (2020). Laurens key area of focus is menswear and for her final major project (FMP) this is what she developed. You can tell when looking at Laurens work that she is particularly interested in prints and incorporating her own into the designs. She has a great sense of colouration and is able to use her skills to create some fabulous fabrications.

For Lauren FMP she used the concept of scopaesthesia. Let’s first understand what the meaning of scopaesthesia is. “It is the supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means (the psychic staring effect).”

Lauren designed for her collection then seemed to create a layer of security. “Oversized and padded clothing reveals a sense of protection and armour towards the self-conscious stare. The contrast between bold bright prints and delicate lightweight fabrics and mesh demonstrates the battle between reality and the mind. The unusual shapes and silhouettes of the outfits portray a small but confident reaction to the self-conscious glare that one may be experiencing.”

During the pandemic Lauren has been busy making some beautiful masks out of all different colours and fabrics from silk satin to cotton. They are shaped so that they fit your face more comfortably. Use the link below to browse and purchase

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