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March Meet The Maker

This month our blog will be a little different to normal as we are taking part in ‘March Meet The Maker!’

What is March meet the Maker?

Well, it is a 31 day Instagram challenge started up by Joanne Hawker back in 2016 when she found herself in a ‘creative rut’. So, a bit of background on Joanne, she has a degree in Graphic Communications and after a couple of years in industry started her own small handmade business; “she decided that she wanted to chase her own dreams instead of working for someone else” AMEN SISTER!

The challenge is all about building up other creative small businesses and helping to create a ‘creative community’. This challenge is a great way to help give you as a brand confidence, connections and most just getting yourself out there!

Day 1:- It’s Brand introduction:

Hi my names Charlotte and I am the founder of CWJ London, a small and local leather accessory company. I design and make all products myself; this help to give a personal touch to my brand. At CWJ London we design with diabetes at the forefront. As a brand I am dedicated to slow fashion and we are constantly developing more sustainable ways (we have a buy it back scheme launching later this month!). All our products are hand-crafted unique, one-off pieces.

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