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Marlene Llanes - inspiration of the month.

Inspiration of the month, this is where we talk about artists, designers and creatives who we find inspirational.

This month I look at Marlene Llanes a surreal artist who paints intriguing images. Marlene was born in Mexico but is a dual citizen and currently living in Austin Texas. She studied graphic design before completing a masters in Fine art and illustration.

I think when you look at her art you can see the graphics background in her high definition. Marlene’s work seems to evoke a sense of peace by the way in which she combines the use of everyday objects with natural elements. “I want the viewer to connect to nature as a way to connect with themselves, with their inner-self.” Marlene Llanes. Marlene uses a lot of colour but in a way that brings “simplicity and order”.

I really enjoy the use of colour in her paintings and how the contrast brings a simplicity and calm to me. Her work seems to take you to a grounded fantasy where you as the viewer create your own meanings without it being forced upon you. Marlene has such great use of shadows and light in her work and this create a real depth to the paintings. This high quality that Marlene paints with allows you to be able to view from distance and close up with everything looking incredibly sharp and clean. There is a dream-like beauty to her paintings that bring me a sense of tranquil just from viewing.


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