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Monika Ardila - inspiration of the month.

Inspiration of the month, this is where we talk about artists, designers and creatives who we find inspirational.

Today we talk about Monika Ardila is a Colombian born artist. Monika moved to Barcelona before now settling in Stockholm. Monika openly describes her upbringing as a creative environment, growing up around art, graphic design, sewing arts etc. She believes that the artistic upbring she had strongly impacted on how she sees the world. Her grandmother was always sewing, and creating, her mother a graphic designer and her father an artist. I think on learning this you can see the way in which each has influenced Monika’s style of art.

Monika’s artistic practice focuses on privacy while still looking at self-portrait. She uses gestures of objects, creating the idea of thoughts or situations which she says if to direct your gaze toward common privacy. Her works shows a sense of individuality through gently trying to show interests or feeling. “Rethinking the social and technological context surrounding us as a modi-er of the perception we have of ourselves, at which point it undermines the intimacy inherent to human beings.” Monika Ardila.

Monika takes the different elements and rearranges, almost dissecting them and changing the meaning and creating something that has a new meaning. I find that by doing this it makes me intrigued and I start to question every line, colour and object on what their meaning may be and what their job in the image is. I enjoy art that makes you think, and that is not of the norm. The potential hidden meaning behind a piece allows you as the view to jump to your own conclusion giving you mind the freedom to imagine and run away with idea. I feel this in turn gives you a sense of being a young child where anything is possible and it opens up my imagination.


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