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New Year New Me- I'll try anyway.

Rest – Everyone needs to replenish their energy ready for the new year ahead. We need rest to allow our body and mind to recharge. I am going to try to make sure I put my phone down from 9pm and not look at it, scroll on social media or end up on a tiktok haul/. Instead, I want to use the time to rest by mediation, reading, talking to loved ones or watching TV (is it different to a tiktok haul? I guess not but for me it some how feels like no phone is healthier for ME).

Start your day with a plan - I and I am sure most of you have found it hard at times during the pandemic to stay focused and be productive. This year I am going to try to mini tasks for each day to help me stay on track.

Save money – This year I am going to try to continue to change my spending habits and save money. Last year I really focused on not buying new clothes (unless needed i.e. socks and more). I want to continue along this path but also start to challenge myself and save more money whether it be not to eat out for a month or putting all my loose change into a piggy bank. Every little helps right!

Learn a new skill – I think its important to challenge ourselves especially as you get older to keep our minds alive and active. A personal new skill or maybe more just a topic I want to learn and be able to understand about is crypto currencies. It’s an alien word to me I know the basics of what it is but I think I’m silly to sit back and not learn about something that is becoming such a norm of todays society.

Be protective about your time – In a Steve Bartlett podcast I recently listened to, he talks about how your time is money and that when you have something scheduled into your time and it’s something you’d ‘Pay’ for then don’t do it. Whether that is a meeting wasting your time, a person, an activity or a dinner. Your time is precious and you need to remember that.


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