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Product of the month - Aiuiua

This month’s product of the month is the Aiuiua. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also the find the Big monthly deal!

This month I am using the product of the month as the official launch of the Aiuiua ‘Type 2’!

The Aiuiua ‘Type 2’ I like to view, as the winter version of the Aiuiua. It was originally developed as a bespoke for a clients’ Grandmother as she wanted the Aiuiua but with a slightly more secured closure. I love it so much that not only did I make myself one (the bag I’ve been using this whole year) but I HAD TO (create it as its own product) ADD AS IT’S OWN PRODUCT!

Name Meaning: This bag is named after a very good friend of mine, Anna. Now you may think Anna-Aiuiua how did I get to that. Well, I didn’t she did (well kind of). She was travelling around the west coast of Australia and they had to write their names onto the bus. After anna wrote hers everyone was asking her how to pronounce it because with her hand writing it looked like A I U I U A. Now when she told me I just had to use! I love to name my products after people who are important to me however, I don’t want it to be obvious. I also don’t love product with just girl’s names like ‘The Annabel’ or ‘The Jessica’ I want the products names to be more unique and eye catching like the bags themselves. The naming process, because of this can sometimes be very difficult as it becomes its own creative process! How to pronounce = AUEA.

Design Process: I actually came up with the design while working on the Ortia. I always make a half size mock up of any design to check and iron out any problems. Well that was how the Aiuiua was created.

The Aiuiua takes around 5 hrs to make from start to finish, and an extra 1.5hrs for the Aiuiua ‘Type 2’.

Original Aiuiua: I start with cutting out a front, back, two side pieces and a base. I then have to attach the two O-rings to the side panels (how the straps are attached to the bag) and the centre closure to the front and back pieces. Once that is done, I emboss my logo on to the leather and cut it out before then hand stitching it onto the front of the bag. I then stitch all the pieces together. I edge dye the top edge of the Aiuiua because it is a small bag, that details are how you make it looked refined.

Aiuiua ‘Type 2’: Again, I start with cutting out all the pieces. The O-rings are attached and the logo. Then the bag is stitched together. The drawstring centre is the last part added. To make I cut out the material (which FYI is incredibly long as it then all gathers up) The cord is cut and I double it up as it makes it easier to pull it close from either side. The material is folded over the cord and stitched to keep it inside. Then lastly the drawstring it stitched to a leather collar to that when the collar is stitched to the top of the bag the seam is hidden.

Big monthly deal: This month (4th – 23rd May 2021) you will be able to save £30 off the Aiuiua & Aiuiua ‘Type 2’ use code 30AIUIUA. Valid on bespoke orders too!


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