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Product of the month - Hip Flask

This months product of the month is our leather covered hip flask. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also find the Big monthly deal!

What's the story behind the name?

Unlike most of the other products there is not much meaning behind the name. It is was it is a bespoke leather covered hip flask.

How did you come up with the hip flask?

I originally designed the flask for a bespoke order over Christmas last year. I enjoyed making it so much that I wanted to make it an official CWJ product. I have it on a made to order basis because I think it should be made uniquely for the taste of the individual.

How long does it take to make the hip flask?

It takes me about 4 hrs to make the hip flask. I start by cutting the leather of choice. I then stitch all the edges of the leather on my machine. Next, I emboss the initials of the individual onto the leather while it is flat. This is very important to do while it is flat as the flask is curved so once the leather is on, it wouldn’t be possible (this is another reason I only make these hip flask bespoke). Then I apply glue to flask before slowly wrapping the leather around. This is the longest part as I have to gently pull the leather to fit around the flask. The leather needs to be tight around the flask, but also when pulling the leather with pliers it can easily rip (this is the stressful part.). I then stitch through the threads and tighten it as a I go pulling the leather slightly closer so that the seam is almost invisible.

Big monthly deal:

Now like everyone we are really in denial that summer is coming to an end. Let’s try to forget that and get ready for the summer festivals next year! Until October the 13th We are offering £10 off the Hip Flask with code: SUMMERDONTEND


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