Product of the month - Inala Crossbody.

This month’s ‘product of the month’ is the Inala Crossbody. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also find out more about the Big Monthly Deal!

What’s the story behind the name Inala?

This bag was designed in my final year at university as one of my final major product pieces. The whole collection was inspired by Aboriginal Australia, especially the traditional dot art. Inala is a name in Aboriginal Australia which means ‘Place of Peace’. (It is actually also a suburb of Brisbane.)

How did I come up with this unique design?

To help me design the Inala crossbody I firstly started by making a ‘list’ of specifications that I wanted to meet.

Major specification points:

1. Hold diabetic equipment

2. Have a built-in purse

3. Hand held and also crossbody option

4. Space for the other item (i.e. makeup etc.)

To make this bag I went through a very vigorous development stage. This was because there are so many different sections to the bag. Each area took lot of time and skill to develop and refine. It was a tough and challenging bag to create because of the compact but also extremely functional features.