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Product of the month - Ortia Tote

This month’s product of the month is the Ortia. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also find out more about the Big Monthly Deal!

What’s the story behind the name Ortia?

The Ortia’s name has be devised from a friend of mine who has inspired the tote. You know how everyone has bags that you just associate with them, one they just always have? Well this friend always has a tote, a classic throw a million things in tote. Portia is her name she’s a strong, independent women and that’s what I have tried to make the Ortia stand for.

How did you come up with this unique design?

The Ortia is definitely a more interesting chic version of a tote bag, with it's contrast gussets and boxy base it's eye catching to say the least. At the time of designing I had just launched the VETTE and I wanted the Ortia to tie in with it (to make a kind of family). That is why/how the chunky belt strap was designed. I like the way that if you have the Ortia on a shorter strap the excess drapes either side of the bag, similar to the VETTE.

How long does it take to make the

Ortia ?

The Ortia tote takes around 5hrs to make from start to finish. It all starts with cutting out the front, back, base and two sides. While flat I sew the buckles onto the sides and the closer to the front and back pieces. The base is then sewn to the front and back (the base wraps up the front and back slightly in an overlay stitch). The base is the only part that has a suede lining, this is because it has a cardboard base in it to help give some weight and structure. This is because it is a bigger bag so without this it would collapse and fall in on itself. The gussets are then sewn to the front, back and base of the bag, all by way of a turn seam. A turn seam is where you stitch the two pieces of leather together with the 'good sides' facing each other. You then 'turn' the bag (hence it's name) inside out and the seams are on the inner of the bag. Once the gussets are attached the last part is to cut the strap and punch the holes so it can be adjusted on the buckles.


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