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Product of the month - The 'B' Beach Bag.

This months product of the month is the ‘B’ Beach Bag. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also find the Big monthly deal!

What's the story behind the Name meaning?

The ‘B’ Beach bag is named after my sister. Her name is Francesca however she has always been nick named Bee by my mum. I know it’s quite random but we are very close in age (just over 15 months) so the nurses would refer to her as B because she was the ‘baby’ out of the two babies. It stuck and still now my mum calls her B.

How did you come up with the design for the 'B'Bag?

I wanted to make a fun easy tote that was cheaper and more affordable. When doing this I found the best way to cut price was the material. Leather is expensive and so I decided to go down the vegan options allow me to also add to my vegan range with the MGM vegan bag.

I decided to go for a PVC materials as for the beach it is perfect, doesn’t matter if it gets wet and the sand doesn’t get stuck in the same way a canvas bag does. Wipe clean, light and fun just exactly what you need for a day at the beach!

How long does it take to make the 'B' Bag?

Compared to most of my bags this one is pretty quick to make! The most time-consuming part is pattern matching. It takes around 2 hrs so helping me to cut costs and make it a more affordable purchase for all.

I start by cutting out the outer pieces, this bag is a ‘T’ based structure so is made up of two pieces stitched together (4 including the lining). When I have cut the 1st piece I make sure to pattern match before cutting out the second piece. Next is attaching the straps, this is done while the pieces are flat to make it easier and neater. I then attach the two pieces. I stitch them together inside out as I use a turn seam, and once done I am able to turn the bag the correct way hiding all the seams and giving a more refined look. Next is the lining, this is attached in the same way as the outside, using the same material too. When I stitch the lining, I leave one corner unstitched. The last process is to attach the lining to the main body, to continue to hide the seams I have the bag inside out and then once attached pull the bag the right way, through the corner of the lining that I left unstitched. This corner is then stitched and the bag is finished, and ready for its holidays!

Big monthly deal:

So, the big monthly deal! This most we are offering £5 off the ‘B’ Beach Bag this will be valid until August the 25th so get it while you can! Use code: BBB5.


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