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Product of the month - The MGM

SO finally, we have brought product of the month (and the big deal!) BACK.

This month’s product of the month is the MGM. In this blog you will learn more about how this product has been created and also the find the Big monthly deal!

How did you come up with the MGM?

The MGM came from me wanting to branch out into a lower price range to allow more individuals to have access to my unique slow fashion brand. One way of being able to do this was to change the material from leather to something cheaper. After researching and sampling I decided on faux leather. I felt this best kept the aesthetic of my brand. An added bonus to changing to this material meant that I could make the bag vegan, once again opening up my brand to even more clients.

What's the story behind the name?

This bag is named after a good friend of mine, Megan. The way I had envisioned this bag was for it to feel slightly more streetstyle than my other products, and I wanted the name to mirror this. After trying to play around with the name Megan I actually chose to use Megan’s initials and simply called it ‘The MGM.’

How long does it take to make the MGM?

This design is based off the Aiuiua with some slight alterations. The main alteration being the duradots closure on the front of the bag.

The MGM takes around 3.5 hrs to make from start to finish

I start with cutting out a front, back, two side pieces and a base. I then have to attach the O-rings to the side panels (how the straps are attached to the bag) and the duradots closure to the front and back pieces. Once that is done, I emboss my logo on to a small piece of faux leather and cut it out before then hand stitching it onto the front of the bag. I then stitch all the pieces together.

To make the webbing strap it is particularly simple and all I need to do is cut to the right length and stitch the dog clips to either end. This is another reason this bag can be so much cheaper, as there is far more time saved in the making process compared to its leather cousins.

Big monthly deal:

This month (5th – 22nd August 2022) you will be able to save £15 off the MGM using code LEOSEASON

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