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Ralph Thompson - inspiration of the month.

Inspiration of the month, this is where we talk about artists, designers and creatives who we find inspirational.

Ralph Thompson was a British artist and book illustrator. Ralph specialised in pen and ink sketches of animal subjects. One of his most noteworthy works are a series of book illustrations for the famous naturalist and author Gerald Durrell.

I have recently come to know about Ralph Thompson after inheriting a painting by him. ‘Leopard Cubs Playing’. I find this painting exquisite. The use of cool gentle blue tones with the off-white background brings a sense of calm to me, while the composition itself of the leopard cubs is playful with an essence of excitement.

Having researched Ralph further I find all his work has a unique effortless of beauty to them that I believe is what gives me the sense of tranquillity whenever I look at them. When you look closely at his work you notice the sheer amount of detail that goes into every area. The soft gentle touch he must have had to create such brush/ pen strokes.

Every time I look at his work, what I really notice is how he manages to create something that looks so effortlessly simplistic but yet at the same time so incredibly detailed. Ralph creates such pleasing textures that really encapsulate the animal subjects.


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