Waasily Kandinsky - inspiration of the month.

Inspiration of the month, this is where we talk about artists, designers and creatives who we find inspirational.

Kandinsky was a Russian painter, art theorist and pioneer of abstract art.

In 1911 he moved to Munich Kandinsky formed the De Blaue Reiter (blue rider group). The groups name was a reference to “horses and the harmony of the natural world” (quote from Art & time Magazine).

Here Kandinsky developed his use of forma and colour into some of the truly first abstract art. He had a sense of spiritualism in his work.

In 1922 he joined the Bauhaus group and here he started to try to bridge the gap between spiritual impulse and logical understanding.

Kandinsky left Germany when the Nazis closed down the Bauhaus in 1933, he settled in France where he spent the rest of his life.

Everyone knows that a lot of Kandinskys’ work has some kind of musically inspiration and he also painted to music. He actually had ‘synethesia’ where he would see sounds as colours and hears colours and forms as sounds.

I think is you have seen or known my work for any amount of time you can probably see how and why I am so inspired by Kandinsky. I love colour, form and contrast. This is visible in my work and I have to say that Waasily Kandinsky has played a part in my style!

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