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This blog is where we speak to our wonderful customers and get to know them on a more intimate level!

This months ‘what’s in your bag?’ we would like to introduce you to Megan Grace Morris.

Megan is an NHS Diagnostic Radiographer in Surrey. We chat to Megan about what she has in her bag. What she looks for in a bag and how her occupation influences her decisions on bag buying.

Question Time:

1. What is your favourite CWJ product?

My favourite CWJ product is the Inala crossbody. I love the design with the feature of the clasp. I love the fact that you can personalise the bag and even pick the leathers which you want for it to be made in. My all times favourite piece is the original orange Inala with the hand painted dot art on the front. It’s so beautiful and unique.

2.What are the two main features you look for in a bag?

Practicality and style. This combo creates a bag for all occasions.

3. How does your occupation influence your decisions on bag buying?

My occupation plays a huge part in the bags I choose to use on a daily basis. I like a bag which I can chuck everything into. I tend to use small pouches to keep everything separate in my bag, e.g. a make-up pouch and then a separate pouch with what I fill my pockets with at work. I like a bag which I don’t need to worry about, a bag I can use at work and shove in my locker and also use outside of work when I’m seeing my friends for lunch. Working for the NHS it’s also important for me to have a bag which I can clean / wipe down after being with me after I finish work.

I like a bag which will look good with all my outfits so I tend to select neutral colours. However, I still have a few vibrant bags which can make a look - this is what a CWJ bag does. It creates a look, this is what I love about the brand.


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