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This is a blog where we speak to our wonderful customers and get to know them on a new level! This months ‘what’s in your bag?’ we would like to introduce you to Margot Lemons.

Margot Lemons is an embroidery and textiles artist, who was this months inspiration of the month.

We chat to Margot about what she has in her bag. Why and what she looks for in a bag and if/how her occupation influences her decisions on bag buying.

Question Time:

1. What is your favourite CWJ product:?

My favourite product of yours has to be the Inala Crossbody. Just for the sheer amount of work and design that has gone into it. It is so clever with all the sectioning, yet still super stylish.

2. What are the two main features you look for in a bag?

The main feature I look for is how it fastens. I need it to be secure, I’m always losing things so at least if my bag securely zips up its one less thing. The second is strap. I like my strap to be multi-purpose. Shoulder, round the waist across your body everything.

3.How does your occupation influences your decisions on bag buying?

Colour, I need bags to go with everything. I also need the strap to be multipurpose so I can change it for what I’m doing e.g. markets etc.

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