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This is a blog where we speak to our wonderful customers and get to know them on a new level! This months ‘what’s in your bag?’ we would like to introduce you to Lauren Watson.

Lauren Watson is a recent fashion graduate. Lauren focused on a menswear collection for her FMP and has a particular area of interest is designing and developing interesting print design. Lauren has a good sense of colouration and fabrication and well as knowledge on current and upcoming trends. Lauren was also this months inspiration of the month.

We chat to Lauren about what she has in her bag. Why and what she looks for in a bag and if/how her occupation influences her decisions on bag buying.


Question Time:

1. What is your favourite CWJ product:?

My favourite CWJ Product is the pocket pouch because it is a beautifully made, practical pouch that you can use on its own or place inside another bag. It’s the perfect size that can be used in many different ways.

2. What are the two main features you look for in a bag?

The main features I look for in a bag is a separate zip compartment/pocket (reason I love the pocket pouch!) to keep things safe that I don’t want to lose within a bag. If I can’t find a bag with this, I can now use my new CWJ pocket pouch! I also look for a bag that has a suitable and protective fastening so its weather appropriate and to keep my valuables safe inside without risk of anyone taking anything!

3.How does your occupation influences your decisions on bag buying?

I did fashion at university so I needed a big bag to fit my laptop in and any additional work, but I wanted it to look pleasing as well as practical. I also appreciated a bag that has a strong handle so it can distribute the weight of my possessions. Although sometimes what I was looking for may have been more expensive, I knew it would last longer than a cheaper flimsy bag.

This month Lauren and I have teamed up and sorted out your mother day gift for this year! Get your mum a luxurious mask (ready for those out out trips😉) and a versatile pocket pouch for £30. Usually worth £38!

How to order it's simple head over to and pick your pouch. Once your order is received we will contact you with the mask options. We will then post them together either to you or straight to mum whichever you want.

If in doubt message us! We are here to help.

Promotion is valid from 20/02/2021 - 10/03/2021


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