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This blog is where I usually speak to our wonderful customers and get to know them on a new level! This months ‘what’s in your bag?’ is going to be a little different.

As it’s just been CWJ London’s second birthday I thought it was probably time I showed you what is in my bag.

As most of you know my name is Charlotte and I am the founder of CWJ London.

Question Time:

1. What is your favourite CWJ product:?

All of them! I am obsessed with them all, especially when I first design them. If I had to pick one it would be the VETTE. It is the one I still seem to use the most. Obviously when I have a new design, I must sample them and use them to check they are fit for purpose. I then usually move on to the next one for sampling, but the VETTE is my go-to going out bag. There is something about being hands free I find so exhilarating.

2. What are the two main features you look for in a bag?

For me the main 2 features I look for in a bag are compact and small. I know sounds silly as they are constantly contradicting but I know it can be done hence the birth of CWJ.

3.How does your occupation influences your decisions on bag buying?

Hmm, my occupation doesn't really influence my decision anymore, my diabetes that’s is what influences it. I need to be able to carry all the normal bits from wallet, makeup, sunnies etc but also all my diabetic equipment.

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