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Why a successful business will always have the customer at the heart of it

We’re a month into lockdown three, with god only knows how many more to go and it didn’t take long for me to adopt the “treat yourself” frame of mind. So that is exactly what I did. CWJ London often has product of the month deals and January saw the Inala Cross Body take centre stage - what a way to start off 2021! Do I really need another bag? No. Will working with CWJ London to create a bespoke bag which reflects my personality make me happy during this pandemic? Yes. So that was that.

CWJ London started by explaining exactly what I had to choose; leathers (often you’ll have more than one colour) stitch colour, edge dye, lining etc. Next, I was presented with a book of all the leathers so I could start to narrow down my choices. But we weren’t done!

We continued to have in-depth discussions about what colours complement each other and how to have a pop of colour without it being overbearing. Once I had finally decided on my colour choices it was straight to work for CWJ London, however the communication doesn’t stop there. I was involved in the whole process, updated on what stage the bag was at and also asked if I was still happy with my choices. It really is fascinating to see each stage of the process, especially when you know the end product is yours to keep. The best part about this whole process, is on completion of two bespoke Inala cross body bags, Charlotte’s dad enquired who they for. As soon as Charlotte revealed they were for two close friends he could immediately identify whose was who. Now if that’s not someone who’s good at their job then I don’t know what is. I now have the perfect everyday bag, my personality shines through and it’s totally bespoke (no one else has anything like it and that’s just how I like it!) I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can show it off!


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