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How do we categories for the buy it back vouchers.

Grade A = 50% original cost 

Grade B = 25% original cost

Grade C = 10% original cost 

Next step...

Start by dropping us an email with images of your product(s) and we will then assess and send you what grade we believe it fits. We ask that if there are any major marks that you send images of theses so we can honestly assess.

We will then ask that you send it back to use (We recommend using royal mail signed for just for piece of mind on both ends).

Once received we will send you your CWJ Voucher.

The bag will then be placed onto our pre loved category for the same price as the voucher you have received. We also quite like the idea of being able to trace a bag back to it's original owner so with your permission we will write a brief bio about you on the product info. This helps to build a trusting and loyal CWJ community.

Some terms & conditions to note:

1.) CWJ London revere the rights to grade the products on our opinion and ask that if you are no happy with what we have graded email us with you reasoning and we will gladly discuss the basis of our decision.

2.) If you send images that mislead our grading (hiding marks) we hold the right to revoke the agreement. This means that if we receive a product and believe it to be a lower grade, we will inform you. At this point you will be given the option to either accept our new grading or we will send the product back at the expense of yourself. This is why we ask you to be honest and send picture of any marks when emailing us.

3.) You will receive your voucher only once we have received the product. There will be a valid till date added. We will make sure to let you know with reminders too!

4.) CWJ London doesn't take responsibility for shipping .We recommend products be shipped back using Royal Mail signed for. When you ship, please let us know with any details you have from shipping company.

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