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At CWJ London we offer a 'buy back' scheme. This is where we essential buy back any CWJ London products and in return give our customers a CWJ voucher to spend on something new.


Why are we doing this? 

Well we are trying to create a circular economy and help to prevent unnecessary waste. 

At CWJ London we know that everyone wants to change up their style sometimes and that is why we started the buy back scheme.

This allows you as a client to send us a product back which we will either re-sell at a reduced price on our 'Pre-Loved' category or upcycle/reuse the material to create a new product.

Pre Loved

Pre-Loved is an area where we sell bags that have been returned through the BUY BACK scheme. This means that when you buy through this category you know that the bag has had a home prior to you and will therefore have some character to it, whether it be marking, or even sometimes initial embossed. We love the idea of a bag having been personalised multiple times and you can almost connect it down a line of owner who have pre loved the product.

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