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This is a blog where we speak to our wonderful customers and get to know them on a new level! This months ‘what’s in your bag?’ we would like to introduce you to Francesca Jackson.

Francesca has recently graduated from her Masters at Reading University. She has just finished studying a MSc in Professional Human Osteoarchaeology. Before this she received a 2:1 in BA Ancient History and Archaeology.

We chat to Fran about what she has in her bag. Why and what she looks for in a bag and if/how her occupation influences her decisions on bag buying.

(we chatted prior to her graduating)

Question Time:

1. What is your favourite CWJ product:?

My favourite product is the Inala crossbody bag, in which I have two! I am currently planning of having a design painted onto my first bag. I also love the card holders, which I had made bespoke, with a few extra additions added on willing by the designer. Each item I have brought by CWJ London has been bespoke and the quality and service has been great. Why buy a more expensive item from a big brand that you cannot tailor to your personal preferences when you can buy cheaper high quality locally and choose exactly what you want, knowing no one will have the same bag as you again!

2. What are the two main features you look for in a bag?

The two main features I look for are a great design and practicality and security. Of which the Inala encompasses these qualities and more!

3.How does your occupation influences your decisions on bag buying?

I would say occupation would influence my decision for a bag as it needs to be practical and secure, yet stylish and versatile. As I am currently finishing my Masters degree at the University of Reading, I need a bag that can be used for everyday use, evening and travel. The Inala and the card holders from CWJ London are so useful for everything. From easy access to train tickets and bank cards in the card holder, to security and stylish versatility of the Inala.


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